Quality, Integrity, and Innovation.

This is the foundation on which Carey Homes has been built, and this is the foundation of every Carey Homes home.  The understanding and commitment to these three factors allows the home buyer to take comfort in buying a Carey Home.
Drawing from a wealth of traditional knowledge, a passion for building, and over 25 years of industry experience, the quality of a Carey Home is unparalleled.  Every home offered by Carey Builders Group is designed to exceed both industry guidelines and standards.  Form and function are given equal weight, and the latest in technology is applied to assure every home buyer that their needs have been considered and met, and the ‘liveability’ is unrivalled. 
Every home, every home site, and every development opportunity is carefully considered by Carey Homes and the Carey Builders Group of companies to reflect only the very best in the industry.  This protocol has also been applied to the newest brand in the Carey Group with the introduction of SZC Contracting which will be continuing a focus on our growing commercial client base.  Only the highest levels of workmanship, and premium products are used in our homes.  As the building landscape changes, Carey Homes seeks out the most innovative and relevant applications for each and every home.  Whether it is a hidden component of the house, or environmental concern, the commitment to stay ahead of the industry protects your investment in your home, and provides lasting comfort to your family.
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